2018 Good Vibrations Motorsports 60th Annual March Meet – 5.90 Funny Car

Words and Photos by Sherm Porter

A new class was introduced this year, 5.90 Nitro funny car, with five competitors, giving those teams that come out to play occasionally an opportunity to run without possibly suffering too much carnage to an engine.

Four cars were able to make the semi-final round w/ Jeff Utterback taking the light over Claude LaVoie in his ’72 Satellite, while Dean Oberg put Shawn Van Horn piloting his ’77 Trans AM powered by a TFX 500” engine on the trailer.  The final pitted Jeff Utterback in the Pisano & Matsubara ’74 Vega against Dean Oberg in the ’67 Jeep, with Jeff breaking, giving Dean a single, and the championship.


Champion:  Dean Oberg ’67 Jeep-Chrysler 426”

R/U:  Jeff Utterback ’74 Vega-Hemi 468”

#1 Qualifier:  Claude LaVoie ’72 Satellite- 6.52 ET/193.35mph-Hemi 440”

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