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Danny & Crystal Gerber’s ‘Wasn’t Easy’ Nitro Funny Car

By Al Heisley

Computer nerds, Danny and Crystal Gerber, have been drag racing together since late 2013 when they purchased a nitro funny car from an internet ad. During the first few months, they disassembled and reassembled the car, making repairs and updates, until it was ready to race at the 2014 March Meet in Bakersfield, CA, where Danny licensed.

Danny Gerber has been around drag racing all of his life. His father, Paul Gerber, had been on several teams and was friends with an endless number of other racers until his death in December of 2012. On the other hand, Crystal had never been around the sport until they met in 2000, but she made up for it by jumping right in with both feet. Now she orders the parts, pays for them, backs up her husband after his burnout and she’s known as the “team mom”.

They bought the funny car from Jim Broome with John Powers’ “Powers Steel” Victory chassis and a body that was originally Dale Pulde’s War Eagle. They raced that body through most of 2016.

Danny and Crystal are a low-bucks self-funded team. Danny has done a lot with a little. In the 20 outings they’ve had, they’ve raced in California, Utah, Washington, and Idaho.

Recently, the couple has ordered a new body from Rick Connolly in the Phoenix area. This unit is a little heavier than Pulde’s old fiberglass body because it’s a carbon fiber fiberglass mix hybrid for added strength. It’s a Kenny Youngblood designed body with a wrap from Ultimate Design. And it looks great!

The owners, Danny and Crystal, are thrilled that they are now going rounds with a 5.82 best elapsed time and a top speed of 242 miles per hour, with their first win coming in June at Spokane, WA for Crystal’s birthday weekend with her parents.

Their crew is manned by John Wurtz, crew chief. Todd Wurtz, right-side of engine, Brian Wurtz, left-side of engine, and the diver is Jake Mills.

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