13th Annual Santa Margarita Ranch Time Trials…a F.A.S.T event

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

If you are into ‘Bangers’, that is, Model T, Model A and Model B Ford powered hot rods then this is the event for you.  This has become the top event on the west coast of its kind.

Hosted by a group of local enthusiasts and volunteers each year the weekend includes Friday tour(s) of local collections, a BBQ dinner at the local Elks Club, and socializing…

Saturday morning things kick off early with the registrants checking in, followed by a driver’s meeting…this year was the largest entry list in the history of the event w/ 44 entries!  This day also included the most runs ever, 224, and the fastest run ever, with Wes Eisenga laying down an 8.7 second, 74.3 mph run in his Bob Miller built # 8 speedster, on the 1/10-mile strip.

Wes went home with the Mike Spangler Memorial Plaque and $500.00, as did Kris Spencer with his Tudor sedan selected by the San Luis Roadsters members as best specialty car for the day; Mike Spangler was a longtime member of San Luis Roadsters, who passed away last year.

While the high temperatures hindered the day somewhat, next year the event will be moved to June 29, 2019 to avoid the heat…of note, the jackrabbit didn’t approve of the noise, ventured across the strip, checked me out, guess I passed, as he settled in next to me in the shade, enjoying the activities for the next 10 minutes before ambling off to the trees.


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  • Hello , my name is Alex and I have my brother in law coming from Brazil and I really want to take him to the event.
    I think he is going to love.
    Can you give me more information?
    Thank you