7.0 PRO – 2018 Good Vibrations Motorsports 60th Annual March Meet

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

7.0 PRO is an exciting class, with dragsters, funny cars as well as altered coupes and roadsters, competing as they did in the early days, the fifties through the seventies when front engines dominated the scene; the next step up if the drivers choose to is the nitro ranks, a whole different ballgame.

As the name implies, a 7.0 second index is used, without the advantage of electronics the tuners have to tune, the drivers have to cut a light, to run the numbers…with twenty-five of the quickest competitors making the first round, with Ronnie Lennon going up against Richard Phillips, advancing through Clay Cunningham second round, Lawton Ferreira II third round, while Tony Trimp faced off against Derrick Moreira, Eily Stafford and Ernie Lipinski to set the final vs. Ronnie, with Tony fouling out at the line, Ronnie taking the win and championship for the Good Vibrations Motorsports 60th Annual March Meet.

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