2018 Good Vibrations Motorsports 60th Annual March Meet – AA/FUEL ALTERED

Words and Photos by Sherm Porter

AA/Fuel Altered is one of the most exciting classes out there – short wheelbases, wings and exposed nitro burning engines…let it all hang out, with towering flames shooting to the sky…this fills the stands.

Sometime back they limited the class to a 6.0 D/I, run a 5.989, such as clocked by Brian Hope, in Rich Guasco’s ‘Pure Hell’ ’32 Bantam in the 1st round and you’re in the trailer.  With an 8-car field all running close to the 6.0 breakout, things became serious, with Dan Hix marching through Mark Whynaught, 1st round, and 2nd round Keith Wilson, pitting him against Eric Gates, who faced a breakout Brian Hope 1st round, and Robert Winefsky 2nd round who fouled out.

In the final round Dan Hix, in his ’34 Chevy ‘Heatseeker’ roadster powered over a slowing Eric Gates in his beautiful ’23 Ford T Roadster giving him the win.


Champion:  Dan Hix ’34 Chevy roadster – MBR 526”

R/U:  Eric Gates ’23 Ford T roadster – TFX 468”

#1 Qualifier: Dan Hix 6.005/204.94 mph

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