2nd Annual Hop Up RPM Nationals

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

The 2nd annual Hop Up Magazine RPM Nationals clearly cemented the fact ‘we are here to stay,’ as approximately 100 hot rods of the past with a couple of current builds thrown in competed on the small private airstrip in the tiny community of Santa Margarita, CA.

Highlighted with the first runs by the famed Bean Bandits dragster, the Niekamp roadster, winner of the first AMBR award as well as the historical Barney Navarro roadster those in attendance knew they were in for an exciting day, as the staging lane became filled with hiboy roadsters, t-buckets, coupes, and tankers.

Flag starts, side-by-side action brought back memories for the greybeards, while exposing the younger generation to what it was like ‘back in the day…’

The day also included a car show next to the staging lanes with a swap meet behind the show area…these, along with the many food, drink and memorabilia booths filled out a beautiful day in the sunshine of central California…

See you here in 2019!