53rd Annual Los Angeles Roadsters Show

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

The 2017 53rd Annual L. A. Roadsters Show & Swap Meet is now in the books…This year saw a change with the L. A. Roadsters Club contracting with member John Buck to manage the show…if the name sounds familiar John is also the owner/promoter of the annual Grand National Roadster Show, a true heavyweight and landmark in the world of car shows, with 6 decades of high-quality shows on the West Coast.

Why do I mention this…well, there has been much discussion on this year’s L. A. Roadsters Show, some negative (that’s what is always picked up on by the Monday morning quarterbacks) and also some praises…yes, there were fewer roadsters, although if you study the photographs you will agree the quality was still there, as were the many Greybeard tours from across the nation.

The swap meet was reportedly smaller, although many did not take into consideration that the seller’s spots were actually bigger, possibly giving the effect that there were fewer vendors…

While the specialty car area was lower, I cannot give a true assessment as I did not venture there until 3:00 p.m. Saturday….the word among the crowd at the show was often ‘too much money to enter…’ what needs to be remembered is that with the change in management changes will have to happen to permit the show to continue…yes, while it might have promoted a ‘sticker shock’ effect among some, let’s not forget that the new management is not new to the car scene, and changes will be made, as witnessed during the day Saturday, when a problem arose, it was quickly addressed….

So…..will I and the San Luis Roadsters be back next year?…you can bet on that, having attended since the early days at the Great Western Showgrounds, we will not let something this minor keep us away…see you next year!