Andy’s “Final, Final” Picnic

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

Andy’s “Final, Final” Picnic is now behind us, a weekend filled with history…

Andy Brizio, the Rod Father, has without question done more to promote street rod, hot rod, and roadster history to the current level that it is, as shown by his many friends that celebrated with him at the picnic as well as his 85th birthday.

Surrounded by racing and hot rod legends including Barnett, Guasco, Pink, McCulloch, Gibbs, Varni, Poole, Thomas, Prieto, Kiley, Perez, Walsh as well as several hundred close friends, this was a party to behold…held at the Italian Society Park in Sutter Creek, the Saturday evening dinner served up 650+ guests in under an hour! With everyone filling up on Tri-Tip, chicken, salads and more, this group of Italians know how to do it, enjoyable…!

The gate opened Sunday morning at approximately 8:00 am with Andy & Sue’s daughter Terri Brizio Hollenbeck greeting everyone…if the name sounds familiar, Terri is married to Darryl Hollenbeck, the 2016 AMBR winner.  The 650 plus ’48 and earlier hot rods, street rods, and roadsters leisurely found a parking space, no rush, no awards…although we did see a couple of hoods open for show.

The entire extended Brizio family worked their hearts out to pull this off, again; nobody kicked back, there were goodie bags to pass out, there were shirts to sell (SOLD OUT), questions answered, and autographs signed, as everyone wanted Andy to sign whatever they were given, bought or brought… At times, Andy’s oldest friend, Cub Barnett, was also signing autographs at this one-time history gathering…

Will there be another Andy’s “Final”, “Final”…only time will tell. The Brizio family welcomes everyone as ‘family’….I’ll be there!