Barona Recap

Reported By Ken Hughes

First up on Saturday night were the AA/FA’s! Jim Holtz’s Trouble Maker crossed the centerline posting a 5.12 @ 90 mph while Rodney Flournoy in Godzill ran a 5.08 at 95 mph for the win. Next up was Jeff Utterback in Ray Gandy’s Black Sunshine AA/FA against Lil Nate Bugg. Utterback runs a 5.58 at 87 mph while Lil Nate goes up in smoke at the hit.

The first round of Nostalgia Funny Car pitted Dennis Swearingen in his “Nitro Cowboy” funny car against John Weaver in the “Dream Weaver” Arrow funny car. Unfortunately for Weaver, he developed a fuel leak during the burnout and shut it off giving Swearingen a 5.81 by run. Next, Will Martin in the “Speed Racer” Omni ran a 5.02 for the win over Danny Gerber driving his tire smoking “wasn’t easy” Trans Am funny car. Alex Milanovich in the Hot 4 Teacher Mustang ran a 5.19 at 95 mph taking out Gary Turner’s James Day driven “Peddler” that had trouble hooking up on the slippery track.

As a marine layer moved in threating the event, the Big Show funny cars hit the track. First to run was Paul Lee in the Worsham Racing Charger and Gary Densham in his new Mustang. Lee drove to the win with a 2.38 against Densham’s 2.77. The last pair of the night was Del Worsham in his Special Edition 3x Champion car and Chuck Beal’s car driven by Brandon Welch. Worsham went sideways clocking a 2.54 at 131 mph while Welch shut off early to a 3.13, 82 mph run.

It wasn’t long after these runs that the marine layer set in and the track became too wet for the cars to run again. Yet, everyone had a great time hoping for this race to become an annual event.