California Hot Rod Reunion 2018 – 7.0 Pro – Sherm Porter Photos

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

7.0 PRO is an exciting class, as an entrant or a spectator; 7 second passes at 200 mph are quick.  Another interesting aspect of the class is that you will find a ’32 Bantam pitted against an ’11 Comstock, or perhaps a’27 roadster lining up with a ’48 Fiat, or possibly a ’08 Uyehara…in other-words the variety is wide open.

With such, the competition is tight, from 7.002 to 7.476during the elimination rounds; 19 entries for the first round, quickly narrowed to 10 for round 2.  Round 3 saw RichardHigh, Lake Havasu City, AZ. Take down Talent, OR.’s Jerry Buckley 7.125/175.37over Jerry’s 7.383/188.28. Next up Brad Denney’s 7.019/192.52 took him to the next round, as Ed Middlebrook went down with his too quick 6.951/194.77; SteveFaller singled with a quick 7.005/192.66. Brad Denney’s 3rd round win saw him clinch the NHRA Heritage Series 7.0 PRO Championship as well.

Round 4 action: Steve Faller pitted against his Lake Havasu City neighbor, Richard High, a ’32 Bantam vs. a ’00 Dragster, Steve’s7.080/188.33 over Richard’s 6.965/194.02 advancing him to the final, where he would face Brad Denney, who had singled in round 4, 7.033/192.33.

The final round was Bantam against Bantam, Arizona vs.California, with the Wally going home to Lake Havasu City with Steve, a final run of 7.004/193.52 as Brad broke on the final run.

7.0 PRO Champion:                # 7399 Steve Faller

7.0 PRO R/U:                             #731J Brad Denney

7.0 PRO # 1 Qualifier:            # 713F Lawton Ferreira II