California Hot Rod Reunion 2018 – A Fuel – Sherm Porter Photos

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

They say things happen in threes…well , it seems that the fuel long cars proved that this year, with Mendy Fry, Drew Austin and John Marottek not only cinching the NHRA Heritage Series Championships, they all went on to the win the event as well.

1st round of eliminations gave Drew a single, laying down a 5.972/232.95 pass; Dennis Allen put away Jerry Kumre with a 6.033/224.92 over Jerry’s 7.439/182.33. Kin Bates, always a big competitor, ran a 6.100/212.23 to a trouble plaque Sabrina Capps 8.270/103.51; Garry Wheeler, Tulsa, Ok. Moved past Rick Ewens, Paso Robles in a good side by side pass, 6.179/222.00 to Rick’s 6.346/190.22…Garry left with a quicker .027 reaction time to Rick’s .360…The final pass in the 1st round pitted Wayne Ramay, Simi Valley, against Shayne Stewart, Victoria, AUS. In his AA/FA ’23 roadster.

Round two saw Drew Austin put away Garry Wheeler, Wayne Ramay over a breaking Dennis Allen.

Round three saw Austin and Ramay both running singles…setting the stage for the final.

The final was another quick side by side, Austin w/ a winning 5.862/233.88 to Ramay’s 6.053/225.63.