California Hot Rod Reunion 2018 – Junior Fuel – Sherm Porter Photos

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

This is a tight class, with all entries running strong.  First round action saw Matt Baldonado win over Michael Lardy, John Marottek besting Ken Mickey, Don Enriquez against Ward Francev, who broke. Tim Beeman over a red lighting Brad Woodard, and Alan Hull closing out the round against red lighting Wayne Williemsen.

Round two, Don Enriquez over Tim Beeman, Matt Baldonado against a breaking Alan Hull, and John Marottek with a single.

Round three, John Marottek over a breaking Matt Baldonado, and Don Enriquez on a single, setting the stage for the final elimination round, that saw John Marottek take the gold back to Colorado, with Enriquez red lighting.


Junior Fuel Champion:          John Marottek

Junior Fuel R/U:                     Don Enriquez

Junior Fuel #1 Qualifier:       John Marottek w/ a 6.868/193.21


List of entries in the elimination rounds, w/ driver #’s

5109:    John Marottek

723:      Don Enriquez

7792:    Alan Hull

709:      Matt Baldonado

7537:    Brad Woodard

700T:   Tim Beeman

709C:   Michael Lardy

7066:    Ward Francez

6112:    Ken Mickey

741W:  Wayne Williemsen