California Hot Rod Reunion 2018 – Nostalgia Top Fuel – Sherm Porter Photos

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

The first look at the entry list, thirteen top fuel cars from across the nation as well as Canada promised that this was going to be an exciting event, with the best of the best vying for the coveted ‘Wally’.

While Mendy Fry in the High-Speed Motorsports entry had already claimed the 2018 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series championship, the run for 2nd place as well as the event championship were up for grabs.

With the qualifying runs finished it became apparent that this was going to be a battle, as entries such as Phil Ruskowski ‘Xhibitionist’, Dan Horan ‘Digger Dan’, Brendan Murry ‘Running Wild’, Dusty Green in ‘Nitro-Hemi’ as well as Jim Murphy’s ‘WW2’ the 2017 NHRA Heritage Series Champion and 4-time March Meet winner would be watching from the sidelines.

Round 1 action saw Rick McGee in the Tedford/McGee ‘Overtime Special’ advance past a red lighting Jim Young ‘Young Guns’.  Mendy Fry ran a 5.582 to best Tyler Hilton’s ‘Great Expectations III’ 6.308.  Pete Wittenberg ran a 5.734 against Rick White in the Neal & White who broke out.  Next up Adam Sorokin’s flame spewing ‘Champion Speed Shop’ 5.889 put him in to the 2nd round, as Bret Williamson in the ‘Forever Young’ fueler had problems.

Round 2 saw Rick McGee take down Adam Sorokin with a quicker 5.748 over Adam’s 6.008.  Mendy put Pete Wittenberg in the trailer with a solid 5.554 to a 6.153, setting the stage for the final.

The final run was staged, with a side-by-side Rick McGee running a 5.749/256.50 to a winning 5.610/259.36 laid down by Mendy Fry, giving Mendy and the High-Speed Motorsports team the 27th Annual California Hot Rod Reunion Championship to go with the 2018 Heritage Series Championship…

2019 promises to be an exciting year, as the teams gear up, all ‘gunning’ for the championship…

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