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  True Individual Runner Manifolds for the Serious Enthusiast! HILBORN….THE FIRST NAME IN FUEL INJECTION   As racers, our inner hot rodder will always...

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Since I am a racing instructor for Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, “How can I earn my NHRA Competition License?” is a question I get asked all the time. So, I...

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Much has been written about 2-time NHRA drag racing champion Gary Beck’s storied career; I hope I can put a bit of a different spin on this legend of drag racing...

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Eddie Knox Finds His Newest Direction Occasionally we hear that a boat racing team has made the transition to asphalt; Eddie Hill, Jerry Toliver, Shane Westerfield and...

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Rod & Jill Fazekas’ Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Teams By Al Heisley – Photos By Rod & Jill Fazekas Jill and Rod Fazekas of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, are...

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