History of Big Al Liebmann’s Ferree Coupe

1932 Ford 5W Hot Rod


Finding a unique piece of documented history like this 1932 Ford 5W coupe is getting harder and harder these days. The original car was purchased in 1932 by a New Jersey Doctor (we were told) who lived in Miami, Florida. The doctor had it until 1957 when Frank Ferree Sr. of Orlando, Florida bought the car. In the mid-60’s, Ferree replaced the original flathead engine with a Ford 302 out of a Mustang.

In 1971, Ferree and his son installed a Chevy 327/350 with a 2-Barrel carburetor and manifold from a newly wrecked car. They also repainted the car keeping the original black paint on the fenders. Then in early 70’s he drove the car to Bonneville, Utah and made 2 stops in California as well. The car lived between FL and NC until 2004.

In 2004, a Mr. Hilderbrand, who lived west of Atlanta, Georgia, purchased the car from Ferree’s son. The car was in sitting in a field up in the mountains of North Carolina. Mr. Hildebrand dragged it out of the field, rebuilt the engine, replaced the wheels and tires, installed a Vega gearbox, a Ford 9” rear end and a new x-member. Mr. Hilderbrand kept in until 2014.

After being posted on an auto trading website, Donnie T, who lives in Alabama, traded the then 80-year old Mr. Hilderbrand, a roadster for the ’32 Five Window Coupe. While Donnie had it, he made some minor adjustments overall. He also installed the tri-powered carbs and manifold. The car quickly changed hands again with a completely new black interior installed and stayed that way until Big Al himself bought it in 2015.

Funny 83 years later the car found it’s back to New Jersey.

NOTE: Big Al Liebmann has long been associated with the Frantic Ford Nitro Funny Car based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • I got it from Donnie T , stuffed a period correct interior in it, drove it 5000 miles the sold to Al and had a ball with it

  • Wish I had never through a price out to sell it……one of the many I’ve owned I wish I had back……