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Generic Phentermine Buy Online, Phentermine Order Overnight Shipping

This is our area for Hot Rods and custom cars. It is the room of shine. Here we are going to have feature stories about great hot rods, and custom cars that run the gamut from mild to wild.

While there are going to be some of the greatest hot rods, and build stories there are. There is also going to be a grass roots feel and effect to it. We have a whole line of project cars lined up, as well as projects to help the average hot rodder do what needs to be done.

We are also going to have a section called “One Man’s Junk? Another Man’s Treasure!” since a few of us working the magazine are involved in trucking and all. In our job as road agents we will bring you some of the old cars that are just wasting away. We have one whole wrecking yard in Washington we want to cover.

We are going to cover the great car shows, and all the things they have to offer. Many of the people who come up with great things for hot rods are going to have demo’s here. As well we are going to have reader’s submissions.

If you want to be involved, do so. If you want to kick back and love the smooth mega pony ride; have at it.

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Friday night cruisin’ With a show this large there is plenty to see…and do…Friday evening the annual cruisin’ begins on Broadway running for several blocks on...

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As the overcast skies opened to a beautiful sunshine day, the chrome, the wild paints, and shiny wheels glistened, bringing smiles to the thousands of enthusiasts...

Phentermine Pills Buy

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter This annual Sho is held in the center of the Historic Village of Arroyo Grande, a beautiful, relaxing setting for the entrants and...

Phentermine 60 Mg

1932 Ford 5W Hot Rod   Finding a unique piece of documented history like this 1932 Ford 5W coupe is getting harder and harder these days. The original car was...

Phentermine 8Mg

Celebrate 100 years of history at The Sea Plane Inn Words and Photos by Sherm Porter Jimmy & Peggy Rader, Rader Creations have been amassing property and creating...

Phentermine Rx Online

Words and Photos by Sherm Porter With picturesque Solvang as a background, this has grown into a don’t miss show, as upwards of 300 street rods, customs, Tri-Five...

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