Littlefield Superchargers – New LB22 Blower

By Hot Rod Jimmy

Littlefield’s new LB22 blower is a notable chess piece in the middle of nostalgia nitro drag racing. The new blower is cool. It will push more air and it will flow better.


Here’s some background on it. For the first time Littlefield is making their rotors in house. This gives them greater quality control in making and matching the rotors. It also allows them to build the rotors out of higher standard aluminum as well. 70-75 Aluminum Alloy. A first in the industry.

While not new to the game, nor an easy operation to perform, Littlefield will seal their rotor edges to a higher level than anyone else. As you can see from the accompanying pictures, it is done to absolute perfection!

The LB22 blower case is also an important part of the story. The newly designed bottom of the case accomplishes two things; smoother airflow and better air distribution. They accomplished this by   eliminating the support structure that disrupted the airflow at the base of the 6-71 blower. It looks so simple, yet so perfect.



The elongated V style opening allows the bottom side to keep its integrity, making it even stronger. In fact, the entire opening is greater on the front side thereby allowing greater airflow. This gives the same effect as blower set back on a big show car. The end effect is moving pressurized air in greater amounts to make the engine produce more horsepower.

For the laymen out there, this is the biggest blower that can be used in nostalgia drag racing.


Steven Densham, and the Densham family, won the 2015 NHRA Heritage Series Championship with a Littlefield LB20 blower. Jason Rupert won the 2014 & 2015 IHRA Championship with what else than a Littlefield LB21. The LB22 is head and shoulders better than them both.

One of the reasons for the success of the LB22 is that Littlefield is involved in racing. They know the racers, they work closely with them and that gives them a constant input of information from the racers. They listen to what they have to say. They work to solve the problems that they have. Quality and performance is second nature to them.


Mert Littlefield created blowers from a love of racing. He got it right. He started a tradition of producing winning products for racers by racers. Mert’s wife, Lee and long-time Littlefield employees, carry on that tradition to this day. Making products for racing is a lot harder than just a normal business. There is a lot more than profit and loss to it. In a racing products business, you have to make products that work better than anyone else’s. They have to win races. Not second place …. they have to win! Littlefield Superchargers has been a great business for over 42 years. It is a place of winning. It is where some of the great wizards of nitro racing live, and do their magic for you.

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