Manufacturer's Row

This is where the history is going to be. Heritage articles of the great men of our sport, and our love. As well as a lot of the stories that have never been told. It is a place for the collection of our history.

The stories that get heard once and a while on a rain out day are going to be told here. When the cold winds blow and all the racers huddle around the fire in the drum.

Stories of our hot rod heritage, and how things come to be. Stories get better over time, and sometimes do not even resemble the original event. No lines are going to be drawn here. It is going to be just as it is.

Taylor Motorsports Products

Part 1 Fifteen years ago, Dennis Taylor found himself telling his wife that his General Manager had decided to move on and that he was starting to look for a new GM. At...

San Diego Gear and Axle

By John Hufcut with Eily Stafford Photos By Leo Lopez This year San Diego Gear and Axle is celebrating their 10th anniversary! They offer outstanding customer service...