Mike McIntire’s “McAttack” Update

By Jim Henry, Owner with Al Heisley


I recently received a call from Mike McIntire bringing me up to speed on his dad’s health and to update me on their “McAttack” nitro funny car team.

The first thing we talked about was his dad, Mike, Sr. and the open heart surgery he had about a year ago. Mike, Jr. reports that all went well and that Sr. was back tuning the car in Bradenton, FL three weeks later. Because of the operation, they only missed Baton Rouge, LA. and a race in Palm Beach, FL. Good news!

Mike went on the say that they hope to make up the four rounds they need to be in first place with a little race day luck. The car is running great and the crew is performing at its best. If they can go the entire 1320 without burning a piston, they’ll be a team to contend with.

Mike, Jr. also said that the only new parts their using is what’s inside the bellhousing. Everything else, the block, heads, pistons, everything else is the same. And that the setup is basically the same as it has been.

I asked him if they’re still happy with the body that Bob Rosetty made for them at his Funny Farm Fabrication shop near Philadelphia. “We love it and haven’t changed a thing. Bob’s a great guy that travels to a lot of the races with us. He’s a big help. He’ll be with us at Budd’s Creek next week. We’re still using Murf McKinney’s chassis with great success, too.”

Are they planning any major changes? In a word, no! Everything is good.

I also congratulated Mike and his wife, Susie, on the birth of their daughter, Maci Mae. “Will she grow up to be a drag racer?” I asked.

“I hope so! Either that or a barrel racer like her mother. Either way, she’s going to cost us a lot of money. But, that’s a good thing.”

Remember that the entire McIntire family and team will be at Budd’s Creek, MD. June 17 & 18 so try to out and see them and the rest of the nitro funny car field that will be there.

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