NHRA Heritage Series Group 2 – Champions

Words and Photos by Sherm Porter

The NHRA Heritage Series Group 2 Champions were crowned October 17 at Auto Club Famoso Raceway, with strong competitors in all of the classes.

Dustin Lee – Nostalgia Eliminator I

Nostalgia Eliminator I championship went home with Dustin Lee, the current points leader; Dustin drilled the competition with his ’05 Neil & Parks powered Chevrolet.


Dave Lawson – Nostalgia Eliminator II

Nostalgia Eliminator II saw Dave Lawson, in his 468” Chevrolet powered ’09 Tuttle take the championship Wally home to Mariposa, CA.


Ed DeStaute – Nostalgia Eliminator III

Nostalgia Eliminator III had been close all year, with Ed DeStaute claiming the Wally over Lindsey Lister; they came into the final with one win and one runner-up each in this highly competitive class.


Brandon Frye – A/GAS

A/GAS, always a tough class found current points leader Brandon Frye facing off against close in points Brian Rogers in the final; Frye, who had clinched the championship by advancing to the semi-finals, took down Rogers in the final round, his 3rd win of the year.


B/GAS competitor Rich Harrison, the leader in the points, who was also the winner at the Good Vibrations Motorsports 59th Annual March Meet this year carted off the Wally to Lakewood, CA.


Brian Smith – C/GAS

C/GAS 2016 Champion Brian Smith retained the championship, finishing off the season winning the final two races of the year.


Mike Rabener – D/GAS

D/GAS winner of the first event of the year Mike Rabener took down Don Fournier in the finals to win the final event of the year, and the championship, taking the Wally home to Paso Robles, CA.


HOT ROD Eliminator class crowned Dale Hicks with the Wally in this very tight class, with several competitors close in points until the finals.


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