Nostalgia Funny Car – 2019 Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

There was a lot of good side by side racing, there was a lot of excitement as well, although not the excitement you want; with one roll-over at the lights, 2 bodies exploding off as the engines let loose, as well as a couple of body damaging engine explosions…fortunately no serious injuries to the drivers.

Matt Bynum, in the Nitro Nick F/C rolled into the wall going through the lights on Thursday, Jim Maroney in the Candies & Hughes F/C exploded the engine sending the body skyward more than 100’ Friday during qualifying, with Steven Densham also experiencing a major engine explosion in the 1stround of eliminations, sending Teacher’s Pet body seemingly everywhere on the strip…along the way Rick Rogers in the Fighting Irish F/C had exploded an engine, damaging the body enough that they were unable to return; Bill Windham in his Shakedown F/C also experienced engine woes during qualifying yet was able to make the 1stround of eliminations only to fall to Dan Horan, a 6.095 to a winning 6.067 for Horan.

Kris Krabill in the Cascade Automotive F/C was sporting a new body, a ’69 Camaro, Dan Horan was decked out in a new paint scheme in his Choice Hotels, Strive Camaro and Marc Meadors was sporting the new frontend colors on the Pure Hell Camaro.

Bobby Cottrell, on a roll from his 2018 NHRA Heritage Series Championship as well as the 2018 Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet championship worked his way through the rounds only to face the Rupert & Littlefield Camaro again, who he had lost to at the 2018 California Hot Rod Reunion…this time a new driver, Jerry Espeseth was behind the controls, although problems allowed Cottrell to come out with the win, a 5.718/249.03 to a slowing 8.959/96.86 for Espeseth…look for more from this Rupert & Littlefield Camaro, they proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

Of note: Kris Krabill again showed how to work the lights, cutting a .055 1stround, .048 second round and a quick .057 in the 3rdbefore falling to the eventual winner, Cottrell; the only quicker light in the eliminations was by Billy Morris also in the 1stround, a super quick .029!

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