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Welcome to Nitro Hot Rods Magazine. We are glad you are here. In this section, we are going to cover all the Nostalgia Drag cars we can. One by one, we are going to get them all---the owner, the crew chief, and the crew. All the people that get the car to the track and make it perform.

I have always noticed that when I go to a race, no matter where it is or why it is there, the track and what goes on there is a separate world all unto its own. The feeling of being at a race, the excitement of talking to the people involved.

In my twisted way of thinking, this is a shining city of Nitro, it is NITROVILLE.

We will have the stories of what has happened with Nostalgia Nitro Racing; the news and the feeds of current news that is out there. We have pictures of a few of the great photographers like Sherm Porter, Ken Hughes… Dawn Wheeler, David John, Nitro Fester and… Hot Rod Jimmy.

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When the AA/FA’s line up in the staging lanes, you never know what’s going to transpire as these short wheel based flame spitting cars seem to have a mind of their...

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They say things happen in threes…well , it seems that the fuel long cars proved that this year, with Mendy Fry, Drew Austin and John Marottek not only cinching the...

Phentermine Pills Buy

This year’s version of the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals was without a doubt one of the best held in this series that started in the 1960’s. Firebird Raceway, owned by...

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The 1st ever RPM NATIONALS, sponsored by Hop Up Magazine, PF Flyers, and Uppercut Deluxe is in the books…and by everyone in attendance a big hit, the start of an...

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Words & Photos by Sherm Porter In what is one of the toughest classes, 7.0 PRO found 25 competitors making their way to the line. Pete Peterson took the win over...

Phentermine Rx Online

By Hot Rod Jimmy – with Sherm Porter Kris Krabill, the vaunted 2016 champion in NFC cars, has made the move back into Nostalgia funny car racing. He is doing it...

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Hosted by The Oilers CC/MC Words & Photos by Sherm Porter This event began 3 years ago, on the beach in Wildwood, NJ…when a couple of hot rodders, Stultz and Green...

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