Saturday Night Nitro – Famoso Raceway

Words and Photos by Sherm Porter

Saturday Night Nitro took on a new and different look this year, with F/C, T/F and AA/FA entries running in the same 6.0 class…that’s right, cars capable of running in the 5.70’s were held to the 6.0, with a 5.99 being the breakout!

Exciting…you bet…when was the last time you saw a F/C lined up against a AA/FA, or a T/F car for that matter. The stands were full of fans that were here for just that-23 nitro burning cars attempting to run slower times than they are used to…tuners were busy!

Also running throughout the weekend were the NHRA Heritage Series Nostalgia Fall Championship Group 2 finals along with Fun Ford Weekend and Mega Mopar event, 2 days of heavy competition on the strip, Wallys the goal….
Photographs are from the Saturday agenda…enjoy

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