Sweet Show Stopper

A Real Las Vegas Show Car

By Al Heisley

sweetshowstopper_071416_1Randy & Julie Sweet’s 1928 Dodge Victory 6 turns a lot of heads when they drive by or pull into a spot where people are. And rightly so. The bright red sedan makes a statement wherever he takes it: “I’m one badass rod!” And it should scream something because the build took 15 years to complete as budgets and time factored in. It also followed the Sweet’s to 5 states during the build!


Randy purposely took his time during the build. The car sports an original 1928 “Fisher” steel body and frame that hasn’t been chopped. Its inner frame was custom fabricated and the original fenders were cut in half and stretched outward 3” to accommodate the wider Corvette suspension. The suspension itself is from a 1996 Corvette that has been completely polished with Alden Coil Overs.

The headlight bar was removed and the headlight were moved fender mounted. The top is a 1954 Packard Station Wagon steel top that actually fit and dropped right in like it belonged there from the start. Randy also installed a custom gas cap assembly and fuel tank. He finished off the steel work by installing a custom cut and polished stainless steel firewall.


Randy did most of the body work himself without using any Bondo anywhere. He got it to the point where he turned it over to his close friend at Europa Body Shop in Portland, Oregon to handle the fine finish work and paint. The color he chose is a custom mix red with both traditional and ghost flames.


The all steel doors have shaved door handles with hidden hinges. The windows and doors are all powered and the car carries new tinted glass. The dash display was custom cut and utilizes original gauge bezels. It has a Sony AM/FM radio, CD player, with a 250w amp and 2 6×9 Thumper Speakers. The steering column is an IDIT Tilt with a GT Steering Wheel. The interior is pretty good; good enough to win trophies, but Randy isn’t happy with it and won’t recommend the person who did the work. He’s having it redone in the near future.

The rod is powered by a blown 355” Chevy small block putting out 600+ horsepower to the Turbo 350 transmission. Its exhaust system was custom built from the headers to the tailpipes. All that and you have a show car that’s as fast as it looks.

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