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The Blower Shop Story

By Wes Morris of The Blower Shop

During the past 33 years, The Blower Shop (TBS), has served the needs of the fuel and alcohol car and boat drag classes with high-performance superchargers. The company has been on the cutting-edge of new technology in expanding the efficiency of the modern roots-style blowers, surpassing its competitors in product expectations. While filling the needs of the fuel, alcohol and marine categories, The Blower Shop has had the pleasure of supplying supercharger to the likes of Eddie Knox, Tom Shelar, Shirley Muldowney and many others. In the automotive performance aftermarket, The Blower Shop has expanded its reach to fill the needs of the Street to Strip weekend warrior and bracket racer.

TBS is staffed by an assortment of veterans of the automotive aftermarket industry, not necessarily including supercharger assembly and design. Jason Kelsay, the head of our machining department, studied at the “school of automotive machinists” and spent 5 years as an engine builder/ machinist at Mast Motorsports before returning to his home town of Boise, Idaho.

William Castro, our assembly manager, has been with the company for more than 12 years and specializes in our top-of-the-line XR Blowers.

Rick Harris, one of our head assembly technicians, has been actively involved in the automotive aftermarket for a significant part of his life. Rick worked for Bill Miller Enterprises for 15 years during which he assembled blowers and ran the dyno. Rick also served as a crew member on Bill Miller’s Top Fuel Dragster. Since his time with Bill Miller, Rick crewed on a host of Nostalgia Drag Racing teams, like Steven Densham, Brad Thompson, G-Men, and many others, too.

Christopher Nix, one of our lead Sales reps that heads our Strip-to- Street market, is another of our long-time employees. Eric Lyon and Kim Garcia head our sales efforts for our fuel and marine customers. Eric and Kim are no strangers to the fuel and marine applications, as they fielded their own Top Alcohol Flat Bottom race boat for several years. Ron Hayes, owner and operator of The Blower Shop, has been at the helm of the company and has designed our field-leading products since The Blower Shop’s inception. The talent and outstanding expertise of the staff at TBS assures our customers the best results for their needs. Racers are so comfortable with our products that we could brand ourselves as TBS.

Today, The Blower Shop supplies the needs of Supercharger performance to a host of categories and racers. Most notably, the Tom Shelar-owned Mendy Fry-piloted TBS supercharger-equipped Top Fuel Dragster to the winner circle of the 2017 March Meet. An assortment of others proudly run TBS products to get from A to B first; Brendan Murry, Ryan Konno, Tommy Thompson, Larry Dixon Sr, and a host of others. While the TBS brand has been a household name amongst the fuel categories TBS has been expanding into the bracket ranks with notable customers like Dean Karns who won the 2016 Spring Fling in Las Vegas.

Rick Harris, Working on the G-Men Nitro Funny Car



Jason Kelsay with his daughter at the Boise Roadster Show

Christopher Nix one of our great Sales Reps

Mindy Fry, photo credit: Dyan Lover

Ryan Konno, photo credit: Don Ewald

Eddie Knox

The Blower Shop has surpassed any benchmarks set by its competitors. Most notably by using billet precision machined cases and TBS race inserts that help manage boost when activated. It’s not only these key features in our products but also in our supercharger components.

Our 10-71 and 14-71 blowers, by default, are equipped with high-helix rotors that are anodized and Teflon stripped. Our 6-71 and 8-71 blowers, when upgraded to billet rotors, the blower will be upgraded to high-helix rotors that, like out 10 & 14-71 blowers, are hard anodized and Teflon stripped.

The Blower Shop not only supplies the automotive aftermarket with their Supercharger needs, we also house a variety of other automotive performance products. Chevy small block and big block manifolds, as well as LS1 to LS3 manifolds. TBS manifolds are designed with the customer in mind, in efficiency, performance, and anesthetic. TBS manifolds set themselves apart from the competition for the following reasons; provisions for thermostat, raised floor with large radius on ports for better air flow, better fuel distribution, tall deck uses standard deck distributor height, available in satin or polished finishes. With blower kit sizes ranging from 192-250 blowers to 14-71 blowers that include manifold, carburetor adapter, drive kit, and gaskets. The Blower Shop supplies a variety of blower accessories, as well.  TBS also provides tech services by our industry leading sales reps and blower dyno availability to ensure the efficiency of customer blowers and products.

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The Blower Shop, even from its conception with the Hayes Family, has been dedicated to answering the call of quality products for aftermarket efficiency in roots style blowers. The key to The Blower Shop’s quality and success doesn’t stop with Ron and the rest of the Hayes family, it flows through the shop with our experienced and irreplaceable staff, to the dedication of our key research and development partners. We would like to thank our key partners that have taken and risked the time for our product research and development program.  All in all, whatever your needs are, whether it be for strip, street or marine, TBS will supply and service all your horsepower needs.


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