The Race of Gentlemen

Hosted by The Oilers CC/MC

Words & Photos by Sherm Porter

This event began 3 years ago, on the beach in Wildwood, NJ…when a couple of hot rodders, Stultz and Green hand-picked a core of members, 10 in all, coast to coast to stage this exciting celebration of American history, a carnival like atmosphere commonly known as TROG…

For the first time on the West Coast the group decided on Pismo Beach, which has a history of racing on the beach dating back to the late ‘teens.  Yes, it did rain, yes, the tides were high, high enough that the second day of racing was cancelled…did it stop the racers and fans…nope!

The restrictions on entry to this event is stringent, cars must be period correct, no newer than 1934, engines no later than 1948, the exception being 1949-1953 American Ford flatheads, no OHV allowed.  All entries are pre-entered, and hand-picked by the Oilers Car Club.  There is no restrictions on fans, who come ready to experience beach racing as it was in the 20’s to the 40’s…the 10,000 plus that attended will return next year, this was a fun event!

Enjoy the 2016 TROG, as I take you through the weekend, from the campground, yes, they rented the whole campground, filled with vintage racers, trailers, motorcycles as well as many regularly driven hot rods…we’ll walk among the entries as they approach the beach, which became a show itself, just watching the cars & motorcycles navigating the sands!  The Customs By The Beach display was well attended, again, hand-picked, as were the race entries….enjoy the ride

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